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Go Together

Ever had to wait for someone? But then, the reason for the wait turned out to be some preparatory activity the other person did that ends up making things more convenient or saving the day? If so, you understand the African proverb: To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. I believe this concept has much more to say for teams and business success. If two heads are better than one, what’s the right number of heads or bodies? . . . Read the Rest of the Story

Marketing & Sales Explained (by an Engineer)

Let’s be clear. Marketing & Sales Ain’t Easy! Over the years I’ve come to appreciate that we are all in sales of some sort. I would not be married for 45 years and counting if I did not have some sales skills. I would not have sold ideas for new products if I did not have some sales skills. I would not be able to put together panels at conferences if I did not have some sales skills. I would not have clients as a consultant if I did not have some sales skills.

Tick-Tock not TikTok

Supply Chain Pendulum Swings—You may have heard the phrase, “Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.” Another one is “Everything old is new again”

Success Planning Beats All

That leaves us with Succession Planning. Normally that implies having someone to succeed you in business. In the corporate world, you won’t be able to be promoted unless you develop someone to succeed you. If you own a business, that can increase the value of your company should you choose to exit. It means you have developed a good management team and they are ready to run the business. That can give you more time to yourself for other pursuits, or it can give you more money as you exit the business. But, I’d like to reframe Succession Planning because I think it’s something more. . . .

FORD Ahead

No, I’m not sending out a warning that a Ford brand vehicle is up ahead. Normally the term is “forge ahead” meaning to move forward, slowly and steadily. Certainly that is something you want to do when fording a river or stream at the narrow and safe path. But, there is another place where you need to move slowly and steadily toward a goal. That’s when you are moving to develop trust with another person — be it your partner, your child, or a client. In that case, consider using FORD on that narrow path. I mean using the FORD method of getting to know someone, where FORD is an acronym for . . . 

Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t go it alone. Don’t try to grow it alone. You can’t and shouldn’t. . . . There’s another group you should consider talking with. That’s a group of peers that own businesses, don’t compete with you, will keep everything confidential, are willing to learn from you and give you their best thoughts. That’s a Peer Advisory Council or PaC. It’s a pack of like minds that work with you to help all succeed.


Today’s blog is brought to you by the word, “CHARGE.” Those of us that grew up with Sesame Street or watched it as adults with our young children will recognize the opening to various segments. I was particularly affected by this word in the last week thanks to fraud, opportunity, new procedures and more. Let me explain . . . 

Let’s Innovate the Innovation Icon

For decades now, a new idea, an innovation, has been represented by a light bulb, as if Thomas Edison was the only person to have a good idea. For some time now, I’ve been searching for something more “modern” to represent an innovative new idea.

What IS Manufacturing?

Why do we care what manufacturing is? We care because it is a major contributor to the wealth, health, and prosperity of people and nations. . . . As with any statistic, it is important to understand the numbers and determine if you are measuring the right things in the right way. If the end goal is “wealth, health, and prosperity” then measuring the number of menial labor jobs in manufacturing is likely not the right measure

Family Matters and Happy Holidays

While spending time with my family in Branson, Missouri for Thanksgiving, I found myself gaining insights into family family businesses, business families, enterprising families, and family legacy.

Get Ready to Partee

My lovely wife, Susan, and I wish you much happiness, joy, and gratitude for the blessing you have this holiday season. Since 1990, we have been creating our own greeting for family, friends, and colleagues.

Get Over It!

Let’s face it. Things are different and they will not return to the way they were for a long time—if ever. Get Over It.

Are You for Thee or Them?

I suggest the golden rule still holds. Our parents quickly learn that we are different and God knows we are different. We want to be treated as individuals, so the golden rule recognizes that others also want to be treated as the individuals they are.