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Build Your Team

No matter what size your business, you need a team of people to help you. If you are a public corporation, you’ve got a fiduciary board, a strong management team, lots of people inside the company, and outside resources you rely on such as outside counsel and certified public accountants. If you are a solo consultant such as myself, you still need help with bookkeeping, legal documents, taxes, websites, marketing and more. In between those two extremes are many variations of doing it yourself and getting help from others. Who doesn’t need someone to talk to on occasion, even if its a friend, spouse, or minister?

Labor issues are affecting everyone. In spite of progress on COVID-19, I still here that absentee rates are higher than normal. Here in Oregon, we have a new Family Medical Leave Act coming into force on January 1. Certainly, this is a welcome benefit for many. However, I see it stifling the growth of companies beyond 49 employees, because the benefit starts for employers with 50 or more employees. I am aware of employers that will purposely keep their team below a magic number required for various regulations. I’ll bet your state has some similar regulations/laws that hamper a company’s ability to build the best team possible and have backups for absent workers and talent for succession.

It’s currently football season. Did you know that a football team can have a maximum of 53 players on the roster plus a significant number of coaches, support personnel, and a practice squad. That’s not to mention the talent hunters, marketing people and more. Imagine if that complete team was limited to 49 total? It would be a different game than what we watch on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Many of us love our favorite sports team. We also like to talk about second guessing calls on the field by the coach, the quarterback, or the referees. Consider how carefully each person on that NFL team is chosen from the quarterback to the running back to the hiker to the punter to the place kicker to the various managers. Sometimes it seems we have more of an opinion of the members on the sports team than we do on the company team. 

Consider whom your are going to huddle with in your company. If you are the head of the company, you need others you can confer with on your plans. Consider huddling with your own PaC. A Peer Advisory Council (PaC) is a group of 6-12 other heads of companies that have similar challenges and opportunities, but don’t directly compete. If you are involved in manufacturing, technology, transportation businesses, anywhere in North America, consider joining an LXCouncil through Business Accelerants Team to get outside counsel. 

If you’re looking for some great team members for your company, consider my strategic partner. Gary Perman of Permantech brings top technology sales and marketing, operations, and engineering talent to your manufacturing, technology, and transportation company. 

It’s been popular to say it takes a village to raise a child. I’d say it takes the wise counsel of your Peer Advisory Council for you to succeed in business and life. Let’s get together to discuss how we can work together as a team to Accelerate YOUR Success™.