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Do you need help in coming up with a business plan that can attract investors? Rely on us!

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When a business is starting to grow, one of the challenges that can arise is how to closely monitor your company’s progress.

Greater Than $10 Million

Learn how to continually grow your company without compromising your time with family and friends.

Technical education for automotive and trucks is changing. I had the chance to make a keynote speech recently on the changes and what educators in high school and beyond can do to prepare people for careers, not jobs, in transportation.


About Our Founder

Paul Menig, our founder, has spent his career building businesses. For 35 years, he worked at General Electric, Eaton Corporation, and Daimler AG. During that time, Paul gained experience in building new businesses based on high-tech products for multiple industries. These include the military, aerospace, medical equipment, industrial automation, and transportation.

Since establishing Business Accelerants™, Paul has helped several hundred businesses, including startups, family-owned enterprises, and small-cap public companies. He specializes in guiding leaders on how to develop a long-term strategy to keep them accelerating their profitable growth. Through business consulting, Paul wants them to generate more revenue from their business and onto their personal balance sheet. He also aims to see company leaders set aside more time for life and spend it with their family and friends.

As a Business Accelerant™, Paul will work with you effectively, depending on your current needs, as a/an:

  • Accountability Coach
  • Advisor
  • Board Member
  • Business Coach
  • Coach
  • Conductor
  • Counselor
  • Consultant
  • Director
  • Drill Instructor
  • Expert
  • Guide
  • Innovator
  • Maximizer
  • Mentor
  • Optimizer
  • Personal Coach
  • Proctor
  • Specialist
  • Strategist
  • Teacher
  • Technologist
  • Trainer
  • Tutor

Trained Us to Think Bigger than Today and Tomorrow

Rob Phillips

CEO of Phillips Industries


Secured a Very Attractive Price for My Company

Ken Calhoun

Fleet Optimization Manager

With Help from Paul We Refocused Our Company

Ted Powell

CEO of AM Equipment


Pulled Technologies Together into New Product Offering and

Accelerated Entry Into Marketplace

Bryan Finkel

General Manager, Board Member

Depth and Breadth of Knowledge for Small Business

Ryan Hollis

CEO of American Paper Bag

Take You to the Next Level and Maximize Value You Want

Peter Jarrus

Global Director Sales & Engineering

Invaluable Strategic Advisor and Leader

“Paul’s been an invaluable strategic advisor and leader in our business development. His range of experience has enabled him to continually push and refine our thinking about the products we are developing and our target customers and partners. Paul’s industry contacts have been broad and genuinely interested in engaging with us as soon as they get Paul’s introduction. Paul is a critical resource in the automotive space.”

Bryan Finkel, CEO

Drive Intellect Corporation


Due Diligence Completed Thoroughly and Timely

“Getting reliable, knowledgeable input on both technology and business is critical to making sound decisions for venture capital investments.  Tech-I-M provided both to me in a timely fashion for an investment in trucking.  The summary report was thorough and easily understood.  Tech-I-M quickly got to the core issues related to the product, the company team, the market, the strategic marketing and business plan, and the intellectual property protection.  I look forward to using Tech-I-M in the future for business assessment and other possibilities.”

Dennis Townsend

Chairman Townsend Capital LLC


Distills Complex Business Issues to Actionable Game Plans

“Paul provided us with excellent advice on how to push our company forward and reach critical-mass to fuel organic growth. We’re very impressed with Paul’s ability to distill complex business issues down to actionable game plans and are excited to work with him in the future.”

Mark Yuan

CTO at

Real Passion for Understanding and Improving Businesses

“I worked with Paul on the board of directors for a high growth green-technology and finance company. Paul was able to immediately jump into a complex business model, identify the core issues, take responsibility for the technology portion of the business and start driving it. His technology understanding is deep and we were delighted to rely on him. He has a real passion for understanding and improving businesses. I recommend him without reservation as a go-to guy.”

Joshua Proudfoot

Principal and Owner, Good Company

Knowledgeable About Small Business


My co-facilitator and I can’t thank you enough for all of the time and thought you put into your presentation yesterday.  It must have taken a lot of hours to compile all of that information and those resources! The attendees thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot from you.  They all said in their surveys that they were very grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone who is so knowledgeable about business trends and small business development resources.  You had excellent information regarding how to manage cash flow, what type of business structure they should consider, what kinds of services they should consider outsourcing, how to understand their competitive edge, the basics of preparing a business plan, and so much more.  Many of them told us that they were excited to review the materials you provided for additional information.

We and our workshop attendees are so grateful that there are people like you throughout the community that are willing to donate their time to help others navigate the bumpy waters of entrepreneurship!  We hope you have a wonderful summer!  


Start a Business Workshop

Catalyst Toward Growth

“I worked with Paul over the past year through consulting work for our company, as well as the past several years in his role as chairman of the SAE Truck and Bus Electrical Committee. Paul has demonstrated a very deep knowledge of the Trucking Industry including not just the technical developments but also the companies involved and the business/regulatory conditions affecting the industry. He stays very well connected through a number of industry groups, and is eager to share his knowledge. He was able to take his vast technical knowledge and bring it to a level that we could digest and start to use to shape our future direction. Paul has a very straightforward style with complex issues, and has the ability to link the technical issues to the business issues, which can be a key catalyst towards growth (or impediment if not addressed).
In his role as SAE committee chairman, Paul had great command of a very diverse group of individuals from different companies. He stayed objective, and kept discussions from going into the weeds and his leadership will be missed.
No hesitation in recommending Paul for anyone interested in growing their business”

Dave Lajueness

Director of Engineering at Phillips Industries

Assess, Engage, Discuss

Every company needs to:

  • Assess where it is today.
  • Determine where it wants to be in the future.
  • Figure out how to move from here 2 there
Pic 1

Developing strategies on how to move your business forward begins with thoroughly assessing your current state and clearly defining your goals. Call us today to schedule a consultation or get your free CoreValue® score. Let’s get started in achieving your goals for your company!

Helping Small and Medium Business Owners

Are you ready to accelerate the profitable growth of your business and get more time for your life? This may seem difficult to achieve in a competitive economic environment. However, by developing and implementing the right strategies, and having the right support, you can do it.

At Business Accelerants™ we offer strategic management and business consulting services to guide your success. We will help you improve performance by understanding the 7 Forces, understanding the drivers of value, developing a customized game plan, and coaching to assure progress.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself When Assessing Your Business

  • Where does your road lead? (more profits)
  • What milestones do you have along the way?
  • Is the journey all-consuming? (more opportunity to give back)
  • Can you put the business on autopilot mode? (more time to spend with your family and friends)