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We Help Manufacturing, Transportation and Technology Businesses Thrive

Business Accelerants has helped hundreds of companies through decades of experience in the Manufacturing, Transportation and Technology Sectors. Leaders leverage the 7 Factors of Success to achieve predictable cash flow, generate growth, and gain equity value. We provide insights, expertise, and perspectives into your business through our Peer Advisory Councils, Board Advisor, and Board Director options to accelerate your growth today.

Peer Advisory Councils

To hit your next stage of growth you need advisors you can trust. Find your team of high-caliber peers within similar industries who understand the challenges you face. Peer Advisory Council members offer insights, ideas, resources and expertise to help you build toward your future. Find ways to reduce expenses, increase profits, gain market share and improve organizational efficiency, and more in our monthly, virtual ½ day sessions.

Insights & Expertise

Executives at every stage need relevant outside perspectives to confidently move forward. Finding individuals who are able and willing to share their experiences with leaders of companies of similar sizes and scope is the secret sauce to our Peer Advisory Councils. We screen applicants with in-depth interviews to optimize each group, creating the most value for every member. This balance of complementary, but not competing, businesses sparks a dynamic community and ensures ideas and resources are immediately applicable to your business.

Meet Paul

Business Accelerants’ Founder, Paul Menig, spent over 35 years developing the business side of high-tech components manufactured for General Electric, Eaton Corporation, and Daimler Truck. As an advisor, he has consulted with several hundred startups, family-owned enterprises, and small-cap public companies in manufacturing, technology, and transportation for automotive, truck, aerospace, medical equipment, industrial automation and defense industries.

Paul specializes in guiding leaders to develop long-term strategies to accelerate profitable growth, generate revenue for their companies and themselves, and building teams and systems that improve efficiency so leaders can set aside more time for their personal lives.

Board Advisor

Accelerate your business growth with an external advisor leveraging decades of experience in your industry. Accredited by both the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Private Directors Association, Paul can help family boards and companies tightly held by founders prepare for the next growth stage without giving up control of their company. Enjoy the growth, freedom, and flexibility outside expertise can bring to your business.

Board Director

Looking to expand your board and garner insights from an expert in Manufacturing, Technology, and Transportation? Paul Menig has the expertise and board experience you need to see results quickly. Helping hundreds of clients gain clarity, strategize and grow their businesses, he helps guide boards to leverage the Seven Factors of Success to improve results and efficiencies.


Why Clients Choose Paul?

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Accelerating Start to Finish:
Align 7 Forces for Business Success

Today’s business environment requires more than a strategic plan and a great execution. In our ever-shifting economy, business leaders need to understand and leverage the 7 Forces of Business Success to weather the storms and accelerate their growth.