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Peer Advisory Council

A peer advisory council is a hand-picked group of up to 12 business owners and CEOs who help each other identify and capitalize upon their opportunities, and discover insights into their toughest challenges.

Council members must be 1) non-competing, 2) unbiased, with no conflicts of interest, and 3) committed to confidentiality and accountability.

Each council meets once per month for half a day, and creates deep, trusting relationships that one member described as “the best friends I see only four hours per month.” There truly is nothing like the relationship that quickly develops with people who are going through exactly what you are.

It’s not that they don’t want to. They simply can’t.

Employees, clients, vendors, family, and friends will never tell you what you really need to know, even if they want to, because they often don’t understand the complexity of what you’re talking about. Plus, they have their own biases and conflicts of interest to cloud their judgment. They simply have a different perspective.

But peers, real peers – people who run a company of a similar size and scope – know exactly what you’re talking about. They share your perspective and have “been there, done that.” Because they speak your same language, yet have their own unique experiences, they bring solutions and insights you never considered, and opportunities you never even conceived.

We do the legwork, considering dozens of factors during a discovery interview, to determine the exact value you would need to receive from participating and what other peers would be the best fit for you and you for them. When the optimal members are identified, the council begins meeting once a month for a half day virtually or in our Strategic Partner’s boardroom. All you have to do is commit to being open, honest, and prepared each month with non-urgent, vision-based needs ready for your council members’ insight.

You might assume that monthly peer council meetings will pull you away from your business. While that might be physically true, mentally, it’s just the opposite. By connecting with other leaders, you will gain insights that will save you hours, days, and weeks of time wasted on developing or implementing ineffective solutions.

Meetings occur on the same day each month, allowing you to plan for meetings up to a year in advance. If a conflict arises, you can request that your council meet on a different date. Members strive to accommodate each others’ schedules.

Without question. The intangible value of peace of mind might be the most valuable benefit, but our members have story after story about reduced expenses and increased profits based on their council discussions. One LXCouncil member saved his business $75,000 after just three meetings.

We literally wrote the book on business success through peer advisory groups.

Here’s what makes them different from other peer groups:

  • Diverse Councils: A dedicated LXCouncil team. We are intentional at matching CEOs who have experiences to share and can gain from the experiences of others.
  • Certified Licensed Partners: I am an LXCouncil Certified Licensed Partner with over 45 years experience working with teams of all sorts and sizes on a global basis.
  • Industry Focus: Focus on manufacturing, technology, and/or transportation to balance group thinking with out of the box ideas and take advantage of my experience.
  • Half-day Virtual Meetings: We know time is a premium. Virtual opens the nation to right fit persons.
  • COPI (Challenge, Opportunity, Problem, Idea) Processing: Address your needs through a proven process.
  • Perspective Reports: Each CEO annually does a deep dive on the business to enable proactive insights to manage and grow their business profitably and create transferable value.
  • Quarterly Achievement Sessions: Sharpen the saw, continuously improve, and make sure you get the best return on your invested time.
  • Strategic Partners: Our Strategic Partners share their expertise as part of your membership in the form of roundtable discussions.
  • Industry Focus on manufacturing, technology, and transportation
  • Moderator is Paul Menig
    • Industry leader
    • Experienced and trained to moderate
  • 1/2 day virtual (Less time away from the business)
    • Connect with businesses across North America
    • No travel time to meetings
    • No need to host a meeting with associated food costs
  • Individual one on one coaching optional
  • Flipped classroom training (More efficient use of time. Value is in discussion, not just listening.)
    • View speakers and written materials on your own time
    • Discuss together in the meeting
  • Access to assessments and more, with discounts

“In my first three months, my board saved me $75K. LXC peer advisory groups are a great investment for any business owner.”

“The commitment in my mind is what is it worth for you to step back and think about your business, how effective are you being, and where is your company going. If you don’t do that occasionally, I don’t think you can do a good job leading or growing your company.”

“ I gain tremendous insight and perspective from other managers/owners in similar positions of companies like myself.”

“I am personally involved in this peer-to-peer group because it gives me ideas that I otherwise might not consider and time to think proactively. It’s been invaluable to me as a CEO of the bank to have a confidential environment to participate in critical thinking in a group setting solving common problems or issues.”