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While no two companies are alike, they tend to face similar challenges on their road to success. Paul Menig, the founder of Business Accelerants, has been a leading executive, advisor, consultant, board member, and board director for over 45 years in the Manufacturing, Technology, and Transportation Industries. His unique expertise and systems-thinking approach allow him to quickly diagnose challenges and create plans and solutions to help companies reach their goals.
Paul Menig built his corporate R&D, executive innovation, and board governance career within the country’s leading automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense companies. He now leverages his expertise from guiding Fortune 10 global companies to help ambitious business leaders like you bring the best innovative solutions to market through Peer Advisory Councils, Board Advisor, and Board Director positions.
Paul has the transportation technology innovation experience that most advisory board members don’t, and he has the patents to show for it.

Meet Paul

Business Accelerants’ Founder, Paul Menig, spent over 35 years developing the business side of high-tech components manufactured for General Electric, Eaton Corporation, and Daimler Truck. As an advisor, he has consulted with several hundred startups, family-owned enterprises, and small-cap public companies in manufacturing, technology, and transportation for automotive, truck, aerospace, medical equipment, industrial automation and defense industries.

Paul specializes in guiding leaders to develop long-term strategies to accelerate profitable growth, generate revenue for their companies and themselves, and building teams and systems that improve efficiency so leaders can set aside more time for their personal lives.

Innovation Expert
Awarded 6 US Patents

Awarded TMC Spark Plug
for Contributions to Transportation

Published Author “Accelerating Start to Finish: Align 7 Forces for Business Success”


— Cynthia Lynn, President, Peralynna Inn

“This provides me with a structured discipline to the stage and reach my goals. The camaraderie of my fellow board members, although concentrated in a four-hour period, is caring, genuine, honest, and loyal. My investment has already provided me the best business return in 20 years.”

— Sherry Jackson, Owner—Glen Cove Marina

“One of the greatest values received is having 10 people with different levels of expertise, different scopes of businesses – completely different than mine – learning how they apply their thought processes to problems. [It] is invaluable to me.”

— Robin Sterneck, President – Sterneck Capital Management

“I was looking for a candid sounding board on various topics since I was now flying without a net.”

— Jessica Wirgau, Executive Director- Community Foundation of the New River Valley

“One of the problems with many organizations is that they get into ‘me speak,’ but, with the Council, you get a [very] different focus and grounding that gives you an alternative way of thinking about things.”

— Frank Rebori, President, Smith & Loveless

“I gain tremendous insight and perspective from other managers/owners in similar positions of companies like myself.”

— Melanie Hennigan, Principal, Grimm + Parker

“…It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day demands of the business, but the monthly meetings and coaching help keep my focus on the big picture. Our participation has proven to be a wise business decision.”

— Larry Jackson, Good To Go Markets

“This has become a valuable resource for many of my business decisions. It has saved me thousands of dollars in just my first year of membership.”

— Jim Combs, President/CEO – National Advisors Trust

“As a source of objective advice, a professional sounding board, and a forum to brainstorm creative and innovative solutions to complex business problems.”

— John Block, Bank President, First National Bank

“I am personally involved in this peer-to-peer group because it gives me ideas that I otherwise might not consider and time to think proactively. It’s been invaluable to me as a CEO of the bank to have a confidential environment to participate in critical thinking in a group setting solving common problems or issues.”

— Marshall Weston Jr., President & CEO, Restaurant Association of Maryland

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity to participate in LXCouncil. At first, I was concerned about the time commitment but soon realized that the meetings forced me to be more focused on the big picture, rather than be bogged down in day-to-day operations. Ultimately, LX was instrumental in helping me evaluate how I was doing business, spending my time, and prioritizing what was most important. I have a renewed energy and better strategic approach for the future because of my time at LXCouncil.”

— Jason Doyle, President, Alliance Energy Services

Membership in LXCouncil has been very rewarding to me in both my personal and professional life. Working with peers has allowed me to look at my problems and opportunities in a unique way that was much different than talking with my normal peers – at work or at home. Giving and getting advice from a group of peers gave unique perspectives that helped me tremendously and allowed me to look at things in a different light. I also have felt more confident and assertive in my decisions since joining the council based on the advice I received in these groups from successful business owners and leaders. The LXCouncil meeting facilitator did an excellent job keeping us on task and brought something valuable and unique to each monthly meeting. I will recommend peer advisory groups and LXCouncil to others based on my positive experience.

— Paul Thomas, President, AC Manufacturing

 “The commitment in my mind is what is it worth for you to step back and think about your business, how effective are you being, and where is your company going. If you don’t do that occasionally, I don’t think you can do a good job leading or  growing your company.” 

— Mark Boyer, President – Tippins

“A mechanism to get solid and timely feedback; someone to speak with at my level, and someone to smack me around and give  me meaningful feedback.” 

— Matt Ash, AL-Tech

In my first three months, my board saved me $75K. LXC peer advisory groups are a great investment for any business owner.

Accelerating Start to Finish:
Align 7 Forces for Business Success

Today’s business environment requires more than a strategic plan and a great execution. In our ever-shifting economy, business leaders need to understand and leverage the 7 Forces of Business Success to weather the storms and accelerate their growth.