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Strategic Management and Business Consulting


COACHES Help Us Improve

Parents, coaches, teachers, and some bosses stand out in our life. They encouraged us, demanded the best from us, and showed us a better way. . . . I also remember some bosses through the years that were fantastic in caring about me and getting me to give them my all. I may be luckier than most in that I only recall one or two bosses back in my high-school and college days that I never got anything out of. Everyone else, was a positive influence in some way.

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Don’t Go It Alone

Even though, as a small business owner, I may feel alone at times, the truth is that I have many people to turn to for collaboration, advice, and friendship. This last month I’ve had occasion to meet with doctors, surgeons, colleagues, customers, financial planners, family, friends. I got a bills for car, professional liability, home…

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