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Is Judgement Day Coming? Here Comes DA Judge!


I fully expect we are going to see lots more court cases in the near future. It will involve the election, evictions, insurance coverage, OSHA violations, PPP forgiveness, civil unrest, business dissolution, partnership disputes, and more. For certain, here comes da judge and judgement day for lots of people and businesses.

In many of these court cases, there will be a “DA” involved, the District Attorney. Our laws have delegated the authority for prosecuting lawbreakers to lawyers with that title. That got me to thinking about how well we do in business to

Delegate Appropriately
Delegate with Authority
Delegate with Accountability

Another term coming to mind is Domain Authority. Even the courts have rules regarding who can bring a lawsuit and in which court the complaint can be heard and tried. In business, we all have lots of legal agreements that indicate which country and state will be used for disputes, or, if arbitration through a different organization will be used.

In your business, think carefully about how you set up your organization and the Domain Authority you give to the different departments. More important than ever is to avoid domains of authority becoming silos, fiefdoms, or warring tribes. Collaboration, cooperation, and joint accountability are often needed to be successful.

When you give someone a task to perform, do you also give them the necessary and needed authority? Or, do you reserve Decision Authority to yourself, expecting the person to repeatedly, consistently, and often come back to you. Do you expect them to come for advice or for a decision from “on high?”

Almost any effort can get off track along the way. Accountability leads to check-in points along the way to report on progress, issues, and proposed mitigating solutions. What sort of milestones or events necessitate the person coming back to you for advice, direction, or redirection?

Delegating Appropriately is not as simple as saying to your teenager, “Please, take out the garbage tonight.” Anyone that has dealt with teenagers knows how very hard it can be to get them to accept a simple task, take responsibility, follow through and do it appropriately. Recently our neighbor’s teen did put out the garbage cans for pickup by the automated garbage truck. However, I noticed they turned the container 180º which means a mess would be made when the top did not open properly. Well intentioned teen, but not the right result. (In case you are wondering, I just turned it around for them and did not say anything. He’s never done that before, so I figure his mind was on something else or someone else.)

You cannot do it all yourself. Delegating Appropriately is one of several keys to running and growing a successful business.

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