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Marketing & Sales Explained (by an Engineer)

Let’s be clear. Marketing & Sales Ain’t Easy! Over the years I’ve come to appreciate that we are all in sales of some sort. I would not be married for 45 years and counting if I did not have some sales skills. I would not have sold ideas for new products if I did not have some sales skills. I would not be able to put together panels at conferences if I did not have some sales skills. I would not have clients as a consultant if I did not have some sales skills.

Tick-Tock not TikTok

Supply Chain Pendulum Swings—You may have heard the phrase, “Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.” Another one is “Everything old is new again”

FORD Ahead

No, I’m not sending out a warning that a Ford brand vehicle is up ahead. Normally the term is “forge ahead” meaning to move forward, slowly and steadily. Certainly that is something you want to do when fording a river or stream at the narrow and safe path. But, there is another place where you need to move slowly and steadily toward a goal. That’s when you are moving to develop trust with another person — be it your partner, your child, or a client. In that case, consider using FORD on that narrow path. I mean using the FORD method of getting to know someone, where FORD is an acronym for . . . 

Get Over It!

Let’s face it. Things are different and they will not return to the way they were for a long time—if ever. Get Over It.

Who or What Is Your Next B.O.S.S.—Business Operating System Strategy™

As explained in the last article, Deming and Drucker were instrumental in taking manufacturing from individual craftsmanship to modern automated production at volume with repeatable quality in all aspects of dimensions, performance, and characteristics. They were advocates of eliminating waste and continuous improvement. They even went so far as to develop similar processes and attitudes in administrative functions. As good as the Quality Management Systems they developed are, they don’t tell the whole story of what it takes to run a manufacturing business, let alone a services or e-commerce business.