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Tick-Tock not TikTok

Supply Chain Pendulum Swings—You may have heard the phrase, “Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.” Another one is “Everything old is new again”

Success Planning Beats All

That leaves us with Succession Planning. Normally that implies having someone to succeed you in business. In the corporate world, you won’t be able to be promoted unless you develop someone to succeed you. If you own a business, that can increase the value of your company should you choose to exit. It means you have developed a good management team and they are ready to run the business. That can give you more time to yourself for other pursuits, or it can give you more money as you exit the business. But, I’d like to reframe Succession Planning because I think it’s something more. . . .

Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t go it alone. Don’t try to grow it alone. You can’t and shouldn’t. . . . There’s another group you should consider talking with. That’s a group of peers that own businesses, don’t compete with you, will keep everything confidential, are willing to learn from you and give you their best thoughts. That’s a Peer Advisory Council or PaC. It’s a pack of like minds that work with you to help all succeed.


Today’s blog is brought to you by the word, “CHARGE.” Those of us that grew up with Sesame Street or watched it as adults with our young children will recognize the opening to various segments. I was particularly affected by this word in the last week thanks to fraud, opportunity, new procedures and more. Let me explain . . .