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7 Reasons for Business Transition

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 February 20 | 0 Comments

As a business owner or leader, you WILL experience transition. It starts early in life and continues throughout life. Many of us go to day care at an early age. Then there is a transition to a more structured environment called kindergarten. The next step is moving  to an even more structured, day-long experience in…

Born to Sell

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 February 1 | 0 Comments

When we are first born, we can do nothing for ourselves. Therefore, we are born with the innate need and capability to get others to do things for us. Parents go crazy, get super tired, pull their hair out trying to cater to and calm infants. Remember those days? Now, remember how happy and satisfied you were when you held that baby in your arms, staring down at it with love and affection? There’s the emotional connection the infant sales person was depending upon. It certainly is not logical. Is it?

Lot Size of 1

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 January 19 | 0 Comments

I was touring a factory earlier this month in the heartland of the USA. I saw stamping equipment, wire benders, plastic injection molding equipment, printed circuit board placement, and much more. I keyed in on the utilization rate of the equipment. I was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan and my family all worked…

Ethical Behavior Keeps You Standing Up—Avoiding the Pit Fall

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 January 1 | 0 Comments

As a volunteer for SCORE, each year I have to review ethics and culture materials and reaffirm my support for those ideals. I do the same for a professional organization I’ve belonged to for decades, the IEEE. Recently the Archbishop for Portland sent a note to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Portland after the report…

Value and Growth

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 December 28 | 0 Comments

Springs, Fall 2018 Vol 57 No 4:

Don’t Build Walls—Don’t Hunker Down in Silos—Build Bridges Across the Gaps

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 December 18 | 0 Comments

For millennia people have been building walls to protect people inside and keep others out—to separate one set of people from another set of people—good versus bad. The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous, but not nearly the oldest. 7 Famous Border Walls It’s only natural for animals and humans to…

Don’t Go It Alone

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 December 1 | 0 Comments

Even though, as a small business owner, I may feel alone at times, the truth is that I have many people to turn to for collaboration, advice, and friendship. This last month I’ve had occasion to meet with doctors, surgeons, colleagues, customers, financial planners, family, friends. I got a bills for car, professional liability, home…

Make a Difference—VOTE

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 October 31 | 0 Comments

It does not matter which side of the aisle or which side of the issue you are on. Just as in business we want to see all employees engaged, our country needs all of its people that are eligible to vote, to exercise their rights. I just returned from a trade association meeting for the…

The Value of Springing Back

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 October 15 | 0 Comments

Springs are used in everything imaginable. Anything with a battery has a metal spring or two to provide the electrical connections. Cars and trucks, trains and planes all use springs to make the ride on the ground more comfortable. Springs help to close doors and cabinets. Springs are used in cardiac pacemakers. Hundreds of companies,…

Don’t Be So Formal. Let’s Be Social.

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 August 1 | 0 Comments

Formals are still an event that happens at a high school. Everyone gets dressed up and gathers for a dance. All are nervous. On the other hand, one can attend a social. Things are more casual and relaxed-much less jitters to contend with. Formal media (juried reference sources, newspapers with tough editors, radio/television advertising) have…