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Don’t Let People Box You In

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 April 22 |

It’s really not about the shoe, or the shoe box. It’s about the other end of our bodies, the brain. You and I are individuals and so are our customers. Don’t let people box you in.

Do Band-Aid® Your Brand

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 April 7 |

Wide ranging interview on brand as it relates to large, multi-national corporations as well as to solo entrepreneurs. Brand is much more than a name, fonts, and colors.

Are You SCARFing Down?

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 March 18 |

Maslow’s observation-based hypothesis has been replaced by the SCARF scientific-based understanding of people’s needs.

COACHES Help Us Improve

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 March 3 |

Parents, coaches, teachers, and some bosses stand out in our life. They encouraged us, demanded the best from us, and showed us a better way. . . . I also remember some bosses through the years that were fantastic in caring about me and getting me to give them my all. I may be luckier than most in that I only recall one or two bosses back in my high-school and college days that I never got anything out of. Everyone else, was a positive influence in some way.

7 Reasons for Business Transition

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 February 20 |

As a business owner or leader, you WILL experience transition. It starts early in life and continues throughout life. Many of us go to day care at an early age. Then there is a transition to a more structured environment called kindergarten. The next step is moving  to an even more structured, day-long experience in…

Born to Sell

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 February 1 |

When we are first born, we can do nothing for ourselves. Therefore, we are born with the innate need and capability to get others to do things for us. Parents go crazy, get super tired, pull their hair out trying to cater to and calm infants. Remember those days? Now, remember how happy and satisfied you were when you held that baby in your arms, staring down at it with love and affection? There’s the emotional connection the infant sales person was depending upon. It certainly is not logical. Is it?

Lot Size of 1

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 January 19 |

I was touring a factory earlier this month in the heartland of the USA. I saw stamping equipment, wire benders, plastic injection molding equipment, printed circuit board placement, and much more. I keyed in on the utilization rate of the equipment. I was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan and my family all worked…

Ethical Behavior Keeps You Standing Up—Avoiding the Pit Fall

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 January 1 |

As a volunteer for SCORE, each year I have to review ethics and culture materials and reaffirm my support for those ideals. I do the same for a professional organization I’ve belonged to for decades, the IEEE. Recently the Archbishop for Portland sent a note to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Portland after the report…

Value and Growth

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 December 28 |

Springs, Fall 2018 Vol 57 No 4:

Don’t Build Walls—Don’t Hunker Down in Silos—Build Bridges Across the Gaps

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 December 18 |

For millennia people have been building walls to protect people inside and keep others out—to separate one set of people from another set of people—good versus bad. The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous, but not nearly the oldest. 7 Famous Border Walls It’s only natural for animals and humans to…

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