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Business Lessons from Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl has come and gone. Super Bowl Monday is past. So we had a good time. We ate. We drank. We celebrated. We commiserated. What can we learn from it all for our business and career? Here are a few take aways from my perspective.

  • Take time outs at critical points to reassess and make changes
  • Make handoffs clean
  • Don’t fumble
  • Competitors may block your way
  • Play by the rules
  • It takes many coaches to be successful
  • Have a written plan you can hold in your hands
  • Everyone is watching and listening
  • Know what to do under various circumstances
  • Be ready to move quickly
  • Be agile and look for unexpected openings
  • Huddle with your people regularly
  • Provide sustenance for bodies and minds
  • Communicate with all the tools available
  • Watch the competition
    • Keep score
    • Have special teams
    • Encourage people
    • Celebrate success
    • Work with others by passing the ball
    • Hail Mary passes sometimes work
    • We can be setback in our path
    • Take time to entertain, such as the half-time performance
    Of course, the commercials were an interesting part as well. I noticed EVERY car commercial was for an ELECTRIC vehicle showing high performance and fun—no cords attached!