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Valuable Advice and Insights on Running a Business

I Can See Clearly Now with 2020 Vision

By Business Accelerants™ | 2020 January 1 |

Since this is Oregon, I can’t really sing the song as written, “I can see clearly now the rain is gone.” But, 2019 is now “in the books.” Lots of business are checking their numbers twice to make sure they are nice and not naughty. I often find myself signing contracts, clicking on privacy policies,…

Can You NAME the Buyer?

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 December 16 |

Who makes the decision? Every child quickly learns which of the two parents makes which decisions. They quickly become adept at playing one against the other to get what they want. The kids are not the buyers, they are the sellers in this case. They sell you, playing on your emotions, to get what they…


By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 December 1 |

Focus is good and distraction is bad. Right? Not necessarily so.

Why Are You Creating a B/S Plan?

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 November 16 |

A plan, business or strategic, is intended to be built on a solid foundation yet provide a view from the top. It cascades from top to bottom, continually flowing.

Tantalizing Technology Testimonials

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 November 6 |

Testimonials help tantalizing technology sell.

Who or What Is Your Next B.O.S.S.—Business Operating System Strategy™

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 September 2 |

As explained in the last article, Deming and Drucker were instrumental in taking manufacturing from individual craftsmanship to modern automated production at volume with repeatable quality in all aspects of dimensions, performance, and characteristics. They were advocates of eliminating waste and continuous improvement. They even went so far as to develop similar processes and attitudes in administrative functions. As good as the Quality Management Systems they developed are, they don’t tell the whole story of what it takes to run a manufacturing business, let alone a services or e-commerce business.

Slow Down To Make the Fuel Last

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 August 25 |

Technology improvements to reduce the use of fuels of all types and eliminate greenhouse gases will require new technician training.

Quality Systems Need to Become Your B.O.S.S.— Business Operating System Strategy™

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 August 15 |

Executives and managers often struggle with who is in charge. One of their battle fields is quality. Often executives do not see the value in quality systems, while managers more often do, but it is not guaranteed. Quality managers always do, but are unable to quantify the benefits in business-savvy terms. They meet resistance in…

Feed Me!!!

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 July 17 |

Running a restaurant is hard work. Nothing can go wrong, right? We interviewed a successful franchise restaurant owner to explore the Business Accelerants™ 7-Forces and their inmpact.

Let Me Do It!

By Business Accelerants™ | 2019 July 1 |

Independence is NOT freedom. It’s a responsibility—to yourself and to all those that depend on you.

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