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Team Business Plan 3 Person Minimum $1495 per


Have you just taken over a business? Are you looking to reinvigorate a team? In just 3 months, you can create a collaborative, wholistic [sic] set of plans for your business covering each department. Includes 3 hours of coaching for each individual via web video.
The One Page Business Plan Builder® is designed to help you write a clear, concise, understandable business plan on a single page, in the quickest and simplest way possible. They are written with keywords and short phrases. Thought provoking assessments, smart templates, interactive prompts and real world examples are provided. Simple visual tools facilitate individual and group innovation, brainstorming, strategic thinking, and decision making.
The Plan Builder is a self-paced, interactive learning module that teaches you how to write a One Page Business Plan… as you write your plan.
We understand that you need to create a business plan that conveys a set of very important concepts, some quite complex… in a very efficient and effective way. That’s why you chose to work with The One Page Business Plan. This module is going to help you write your plan.
If you are a seasoned planner, you will appreciate the one-page lesson plans, the solid examples and the fill-in-the-blank prompts. We do not want to waste your time with theory… we want to help you write a clear, concise One Page Plan quickly and efficiently.
If you are new to planning, learning to write a One Page Business Plan is easy. Just like the seasoned planners, you will find the one-page lesson plans provide the underlying principles, the samples demonstrate technique and the fill-in-the-blank prompts get you started quickly… and on the right track. If you need more samples, explanations or helpful exercises… there are lots of them available, just point and click!
Plans can be created for departments and business divisions, allowing corporate plans to be cascaded down and tracked.

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