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The CoreValue® Engagement


Do you want to make your business or your department more valuable? Are you a company owner who is considering future plans for transition to a family member, a dedicated employee, or an outside buyer? This 12-month program will help you unlock the value of your organization. It will position you to get more money from the business today and when you transition to someone else. On top of that, you’ll get more time to enjoy your life and be with your family while you do it. Using the CoreValue® approach, we will help you understand and improve the value drivers for your company.

The CoreValue® approach is a methodology that was designed to increase the value of a privately held business. The effectiveness of this methodology has already been statistically proven. At the core of the system is the CoreValue® score, a system driven by an algorithm that is used to assess and evaluate a business on the core value drivers that acquirers consider when buying companies. The CoreValue® score will give you insight into the “sellability” of your business. Whether you’re planning to sell your company next year or you simply want to know that you’re building a valuable asset for the future, the data derived from this system will help you make well-informed decisions regarding your organization.



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