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Peer Advisory Council



A peer advisory council is a hand-picked group of up to 12 business owners and CEOs who help each other identify and capitalize upon their opportunities, and discover insights into their toughest challenges.

Council members must be 1) non-competing, 2) unbiased, with no conflicts of interest, and 3) committed to confidentiality and accountability.

Each council meets once per month for half a day, and creates deep, trusting relationships that one member described as “the best friends I see only four hours per month.” There truly is nothing like the relationship that quickly develops with people who are going through exactly what you are.

  • Do you need someone to bounce ideas off?
  • Do you need someone to challenge your thinking?
  • Do you need to talk with someone who’s been where you are and where you are going?


Then, consider a Peer Advisory Council. You will establish a strong bond with others in your group and work together to:

  • Solve Challenges
  • Examine Opportunities,
  • Discuss Problems,
  • Float Ideas


Each meeting will involve 4 parts:

  1. My Transition™
  2. Proactive Learning (Perspective Report, Strategic Partner Presentation, Group Requested Presentation, other)
  3. COPI Processing
  4. Wrap Up

Price shown is per month. Call to discuss Founder’s Discount, Scholarships and more.