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Business Accelerants™ Team


Be part of a business team. Join with your peers, other business owners, and trusted advisors to accelerate profitable growth—to get more money from the business and more time for your life. Your team members will become colleagues, and often, lifetime friends. Don’t Go it alone!

Business is tough. Sometimes it can be very lonely at the top. All businesses go through good times and bad. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today and won’t work tomorrow. All of us need access to the latest knowledge and ideas, colleagues with whom we can trustfully share thoughts and feelings, associates that can provide guidance, insights, and hold us accountable to our plans. It works for athletics, highly performing military teams, musical and theatrical groups. It’s been proven to work for businesses as well through trade associations and peer-to-peer coaching.

If your company is between $500K and $5 Million in sales, we make it affordable and less time consuming. Rather than spending a full day that includes a lengthy presentation, we identify the best, current resources available on-line for you to review during the week when you have the time. The time with your peers is devoted to discussing the material and identifying how it applies in your unique situation. It’s called the flip learning model. It uses your time more effectively.

Typical Agenda

8:30AM Accentuate Positives

8:45AM Discuss Topic of Month

10:00AM Break & Networking

10:15AM Individual Company Issue

11:45AM Insights and Commitments

Noon Lunch and Networking

Between Sessions: Learning Materials Optional One-On-One Coaching