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The Value of Springing Back

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 October 15 | 0 Comments

Springs are used in everything imaginable. Anything with a battery has a metal spring or two to provide the electrical connections. Cars and trucks, trains and planes all use springs to make the ride on the ground more comfortable. Springs help to close doors and cabinets. Springs are used in cardiac pacemakers. Hundreds of companies,…

Don’t Be So Formal. Let’s Be Social.

By Business Accelerants™ | 2018 August 1 | 0 Comments

Formals are still an event that happens at a high school. Everyone gets dressed up and gathers for a dance. All are nervous. On the other hand, one can attend a social. Things are more casual and relaxed-much less jitters to contend with. Formal media (juried reference sources, newspapers with tough editors, radio/television advertising) have…