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Feed Me!!!

That’s a key line in the musical play, Little Shop of Horrors. My wife and I first saw it in Boston decades ago. Today, we prefer to be the ones saying, “Feed Me!!!” as we sit in restaurants of all types, from picnic tables outside food carts to fine dining with spectacular views of the city or ocean.   Running a restaurant is really hard. I liken it to keeping a factory production line running at peak efficiency while there are constant interruptions and changes to the product. Think of it. Someone orders a meal from a “sales sheet” called a menu. They ask for a few, minor changes such as gluten free, no lettuce, sauce on the side, vegetables instead of fries. The order gets placed. Minutes later it comes out and is served. No waiting for 2 hour e-commerce delivery, though home delivery is more of an option now. You consume the food, linger to talk a while, arrange payment, and leave satisfied if not delighted. A customized product ordered, produced, delivered, and consumed in 1-2 hours total time—start to finish.   What can go wrong? Just about anything and everything. In this video, we discuss how the Business Accelerants™ 7-Forces can provide insight to the operations of a restaurant-factory.    Here’s a link to the 70-Second Excerpt.   Here’s a link to the full 50-Minute interview.