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If a picture paints a thousand words, then . . . Video for business is essential

That’s the first line in a song my wife and I love recorded by the band BREAD in 1971, the year we met. Pictures do, indeed, convey thoughts and feelings that are not easily captured in words. Look intently into the eyes of another in real life or in a picture and you will experience things you cannot put into words. But, what if you could combine pictures and words? Well, that opens up a whole new world, doesn’t it. My two-year old grandson loves getting the many books with pictures and words from my wife, his Baba. They are tremendous opportunities for loving interaction and learning. Today, they often come with tactile sensations, sounds, lights, and other feedback to enhance the learning experience.

One of the best learning experiences for me, actually came from our government. I know that’s astounding. I was applying for a system for rapid re-entry into the USA when traveling abroad called Global Entry. I was impressed that they understood learning is different for different people. First they had me listen to them read some instructions. Then they talked me through it with a video to watch. Finally, they had me stand in front of a kiosk and actually do the process. I’ve dubbed this Hear—See—Do. It was powerful for training and educating me.

Did you know that the first video was created in 1888 and was only 2.11 seconds long? That same year, sound was added. ( I’m not sure when the first words on screen were added. Certainly all the silent films from about 1891 till the first “talkie” in 1927 called The Jazz Singer had words on the screen to help people understand the scene and the emotions. My wife and I have 8mm video’s of weddings in the 40s taken with home equipment. Over the years I’ve owned a number of different video recording devices. My latest include a 35mm DSLR with recording capabilities, a dedicated camcorder, cameras in my iMac and MacBook, and, of course, the iPhone in my pocket all the time.

That’s all history. Interesting to some; boring to others. The point is that video is now so easy that everyone is doing it. That is, if YOU are doing it in your business. I recently talked with Brighton West about video and using it for, in particular, testimonials. Rather than reading a testimonial, how about watching it with key points highlighted in words on the screen. It’s a great way to advertise your business, getting the full effect of the emotional success you create. 

Here is the full length interview.

Here is a sample testimonial done for me with Brighton’s help. 

If you’ve already started doing video, great. Step up the quality. If you have not started, get going. There is nothing stopping you. There are lots of resources available.

To learn more about business and technology, I have my own Vimeo channel and my own YouTube channel